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Pool Overview

The pool opens today, June 2, 2020.  It is going to be a year like no other, if we work collectively, we can make it a great one.  The S&R’s staff is working very hard to try to squeeze in a few months of “normalcy” after a very difficult spring. Please be patient and flexible as we try and make this season safe but fun for all.  We are so very fortunate to have a pool and tennis facility open this summer, we should all count our blessings.

Pool Hours – Summer 2020 (Subject to Change)

The scheduling blocks will be a work in progress for the next few days, please understand the times scheduled below are subject to change.  Please contact Alicia McGinty for any scheduling questions at

Monday – Thursday

10:00-11:30 Senior Block (55+,  No reservations needed)

12:00- 3:00  Block 1

3:30-5:30 Block 2

6:00- 9:00 Block 2

Friday and Saturday

10:00-1:30 Block 1

2:00-5:30 Block 2

6:00-10:00 Block 3


10:00-1:30 Block 1

2:00-5:30 Block 2

6:00-9:00 Block 3

Pool Event Calendar

Week of Sep 14th
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
September 14, 2020 September 15, 2020 September 16, 2020 September 17, 2020 September 18, 2020 September 19, 2020 September 20, 2020

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